We assess all applicants for our service. Once screened for suitability successful applicants are presented with a plan. Typically this will include an initial period of 5 sessions with a therapist specifically working on the use and elimination of a substance. This part of the service is priced at an initial rate of $200 per hour with 5 sessions payable on acceptance. Treatment does not begin until payment is made.

After the initial treatment period is completed the client is passed to a second therapist speciaising in management and prevention of relapse. This period of treatment is priced at $150 per hour with the client paying for 5 sessions at a time.

We do not offer a single session rate for clients in this process.

It is important that all applicants for this program realise that every client is different. While we endeavour to estimate treatment costs accurately, more severe cases are going to require a longer initial treatment period.

Clients specifically wishing to work with Rob Hadley pay $325 per session with 5 sessions being paid for prior to treatment.

Example Cost Estimate:

Initial Period:
Number of Sessions:
 5  $  200.00  $  1,000.00
Management and prevention:
Number of Sessions:
 10  $  150.00  $  1,500.00
 Total  $  2,500.00

NB. Prepaid sessions expire if unused 6 months after purchase.